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Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt-Lift Therapy

60 Minutes (females only) 20 min Deep Tissue Lymphatic 40 min Cupping Therapy

  • 1 hour
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Mainland Street

Service Description

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure that increases circulation to the buttocks, to "lift" your buttocks and make the skin appear smoother and firmer. This treatment can also break down fat tissue and cellulite, and remove toxins from your muscles. Using suction and mechanical massage to temporarily make your buttocks look firmer and more toned. Vacuum therapy was originally developed to treat scarring from burns, and it originated from cupping therapy—an ancient Chinese medicine treatment that uses heated cups to create suction on the skin to increase blood flow to a specific area of the body.1 During these treatments, it was also noticed that vacuum therapy reduced the appearance of cellulite. Benefits of vacuum therapy include: *Firmer skin *Increased skin elasticity (less "sagging") *Decreased muscle tension and soreness *Improved blood circulation and removal of toxins *Larger, rounder-looking butt *Reduce the look of cellulite Because vacuum therapy is a noninvasive, or nonsurgical, procedure, there are minimal negative side effects. It does not typically cause pain, although you might have momentary discomfort when the suction is first started or turned off. Your skin might also feel "tight" or "tingly," or look a little puffy immediately after treatment, but this is temporary. Vacuum therapy can also cause temporary redness in the affected area and minimal bruising. During a vacuum butt lift session, one large suction cup is placed on each butt cheek. The suction machine is then turned on and adjusted to a level that is comfortable for you. The suction cups are clear to allow your technician to see how your skin is responding to treatment. Treatment times vary but generally last around 30–45 minutes. After your session, you'll be encouraged to drink a lot of water to help flush toxins out of your body. There's no required "downtime" after treatment, but if you experience discomfort, it might also be helpful to rest until the side effects have subsided and avoid exercise until the following day. Vacuum therapy does not work for everyone. When it does, it produces temporary results—and they will not be as drastic as a surgical butt lift. Plan to invest in six to eight treatments to determine what your results will be. However, even with this investment, vacuum therapy is still significantly cheaper than surgical methods of butt enhancement.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens, we get it! Cyn City Beauty kindly asks that you give us 24-hour notice so that we can waive the cancellation fee. It allows other clients who are patiently waiting to book with us. Cancellations within 24 hours of service will result in a $50 fee and a session deducted from your current package. We do our very best to accommodate every one of you. We appreciate it tremendously when our clients respect our time, as well.

Contact Details

  • 1072 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada



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