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About Us

Cyn City Beauty offers a variety of beauty services all focusing on your health, beauty, and self-care needs. Our services include Non-invasive Brazilian Butt-lifts, 40KHz Body Cavitation, Laser Lipolysis, Body Contouring, Lymphatic Drainage Massages, Non-invasive Breast-lifts, Lymphatic Face-lifts, Chin Reductions, and Full Body Deep Tissue Massages.

Cyn City Beauty has the best of both worlds when it comes to health and beauty. Not only do we focus on your exterior beauty, but we also educate and help you understand your physical health as well. The preparation before our beauty treatments is focused on holistic healing, and curating your desired dream body. Our bodies can change naturally without major surgeries, which could be harmful to our sacred temples and health.

Rebuilding your confidence is our top priority and helping you understand your body by creating a healthy regime that will help you look and feel your best at all times. Clientele can rely on us to provide quality service in every session and know that we always strive to do our best in providing clear and honest advice when it comes to what’s best for you. Our clients seek us when it's in their alignment and we do our part in guiding you through your journey of sculpting you into your dream body. We value our clients as if they were us, in your body form. We will always want the best for you and will tell you what you need or do not need. We will be the one that loves and supports you, for years to come.

The quality of our service is consistent. Since all our bodies are so unique, not one body is the same as the other. Consistency in this journey is the key to reaching your body goals. We focus on working with each client one-on-one and help you decide what treatments are best suited for you to save you time and allow your treatments to remain affordable. 

Conveniently located in the heart of Yaletown,  Cyn City Beauty is easily accessible by car, public transit, or within walking distance if you live in the downtown core. You can even enjoy some of the many restaurants nearby for a healthy after-session snack. Enjoy an hour with us during your session, and you will leave knowing you’ve made a new friend, better understanding of your body, been educated on post-care, and have a refreshed motivational boost to kick-start your journey to health and healing.

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Marble Surface


call or text: 778.875.9090


Send us a DM on Instagram @cyncitybeautyinc

or visit us in Yaletown | 1072 Mainland St, Vancouver BC

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